Members-only, WordPress Site

BowTiedOx is a fellow jungle member, but more importantly an industry expert in fitness, nutrition, and optimization of health and performance.

I built a website that allows Ox to capture Substack sign-ups, publish daily workouts, maintain an exercise library, and more.




Design, dev, did it all


Designed and coded a custom WordPress theme


Convince a website visitor that knows nothing about Ox or his credentials to become a member of his Substack and website.


I sketched out a detailed wireframe and iterated with Ox until he was comfortable with the user experience.

The final layout includes a hero that prioritizes branding and the value proposition immediatly upon page load. This is followed up with a call-to-action that clearly shows pricing and launches a modal asking the user to sign up for the substack.

The page gradually warms up visitors that aren’t ready by outlining membership features, sharing Ox’s fitness background, and displaying his social media posts.



Allow Ox to publish a single workout that then populates a weekly trainer, monthly trainer, and optionally a workout library.


A tailored WordPress template, complete with custom post types, fields, and layouts.



Restricting access to specific parts of the website (workouts, excercise library, blog, etc.) to those with an active Substack subscription, while keeping other pages public.


Using Zapier, we check for the presence of a subscription in Stripe. If found, a user account and subscription is created using the MemberPress WordPress plugin.


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