Hi, I'm BowTiedMink.

I create powerful user experiences.

My process involves a thorough understanding of business, industry, and customers problems, alongside iterative research, prototyping, and testing.

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Subscription-based fitness community, built on WordPress.

BowTiedOx is an industry expert in fitness, nutrition, and optimization of health and performance.

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We’ll discuss your business goals, target audience, and the areas of friction in your current workflow.

I will provide suggestions for increasing conversion, adoption, and retention.

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My Process

1. Understand

To help you I must have a fundamental understanding of your objectives, competitive advantage, target audience, and technical environment.

2. Research

A thorough understanding of your current user experience and analytics along with user testing is the first step in identifying a better solution.

3. Architect

Armed with research and analytics we can begin to craft a solution. This process involves user flows, wireframes, and rapid prototyping.

4. Design

Upon prototype validation we'll integrate your brand and identity by transforming the prototype into higher fidelity mockups.


I’m a designer, developer, and product manager that has spent my career using research, testing, and user-centered design philosophies to build products and experiences that attact and retain users.

As the world slowly realizes the inefficiencies of centralized agencies and the benifits of working directly with individuals, many are opting to transact online and anonymously.

BowTiedMink is the avatar I’ve assumed in the decentralized and borderless metaverse.

The name was inspired by the anonymous crypto-based community known as the “BowTied Jungle”, founded by BowTiedBull.

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Your Business Goals

Target Audience

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What We Will Discuss

  • Your Business Goals
  • Target Audience
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Metrics / Analytics
  • Implementation

What You Will Receive

  • Suggestions for increasing conversion, adoption, and retention.
  • Follow up with meeting notes, recording, and implementation guidance.
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